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The very word Europe possibly takes all of us to our imaginary world where we dream of eating Spanish tapas, visiting Italian Cathedrals or drinking Guinness in Ireland, don’t we? Well, we all think that knowing about the continent’s history, heritage, geography, and cuisine is all that is needed but cost to travel Europe & planning a proper budget always comes first and foremost.

Europe, a continent which is located in the northern hemisphere contains 50 sovereign states.

It stretches from Asia in the East to Atlantic in the West and from the Arctic in the North to Africa in the South. Now that’s a lot to cover, the entire Europe continent in a week or two and the overall cost might be of much concern. But it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t cover at least the must-visit places.

Europe is known for its ancient Greece culture and the Roman culture. It is a place where love is in the air. It is very cheap and also hassles free.

Once you are in Europe, it seems like you have seen half of the world. The variety of food, the music, and dancing, the beautiful landscapes, the architecture, their way of living everything is so beautiful and mesmerizing. Paris, London, Scotland, Prague, Amsterdam, Rome, Budapest, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium are places that one must visit when they are on a Europe trip. May it be with friends, family or your loved ones Europe is one destination spot where you have to be.

However, traveling around Europe is a dream everyone wishes to come true as it has marked its position at the top of everyone’s bucket list. So, this dream trip calls for a lot of attention as well as preparation and a lot of cross-cutting.

A proper customized plan for the trip will solve all the fuss and give you a rejuvenating experience for a lifetime.

Aiding to that, Europe has many places that can be visited at a reasonable budget. You can explore parts of Europe at a lesser price. So keeping the travel itinerary and time allocation aside for the moment, here is a brief overview of the cost expenditures that one can take care of during the trip.

There are few dos and don’ts that need to be considered to cut down on the extra expenses and plan an economical trip:


Cost to Travel Europe - Eiffel Tower
Cost to Travel Europe – Eiffel Tower

There are a few witty tricks on how you can cover a lot of places over very fewer expenses. Let’s have a look at them:

  • There are many attractions for tourists in Europe and if you keep exploring all the places it might cost you an arm. Some places in Europe have free visiting days or hours. Visit these free places such as the museums, the art gallery’s they don’t have an entrance fee. You should manage your timings and visit these places which will save a lot of money. In Eastern Europe, tours may cost you around 14 euros to 35-100 euros for the whole day which is very affordable. These prices may vary based on the country.

    Cost to Travel Europe - St. Peter's Basilica
    Cost to Travel Europe – St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Also, if you are going through an agency they will provide you with a brochure with places to visit. But the local tourism issues a card which will contain the attraction spots, tours, and restaurants that you can visit. This will also provide discounts and free entrance on the tours and attractions.
  • In a few restaurants and shopping centers, you can avail discounts. Not only this, but the public transportation costs are also included. If you are planning to save that money for shopping or so, then you have to get one of these cards.

    Cost to Travel Europe - Camp In My Garden
    Cost to Travel Europe – Camp In My Garden
  • For people who are fond of camping, you don’t have to worry about it, because ‘Camp In My Garden’ provides you services where you can just pitch a tent in someone’s backyard for a very low price.This Camp space service is a new trend which has started in 2010 and became very famous. It costs around 4-10 euros which are not expensive. Each day there are many people registering into this site. Garden owners have their profiles. They also provide good offers which are available to people that can be used. This is one of the trending and a nice experience that everyone should try.


Cost to Travel Europe - Accommodation Cost
Cost to Travel Europe – Accommodation Cost

Europe has prices fluctuating in every country. From Eastern Europe to Western Europe the prices can drastically vary. Even the places you go to, the food you eat, the place you live in, everything varies.

Taking a brief account of the accommodation available in European Countries, We might enlighten ourselves on a few relevant points:

  • The Western European countries pay 25-35 euros per night for a dorm room, whereas in Greece and Spain you have to pay 10-20 euros per night. But in Scandinavia, you are expected to pay 30-35 euros per night. This might become expensive if you are planning to stay for a long time.
  • The boarding houses or guest houses called as pension houses in the continental European countries can be of great use to save money. If you are searching for a room which is like the private rooms of the hotel that are well appointed and not having a private bathroom doesn’t matter to you, then pension houses are the best.50 percent of your expenses of staying in a hotel can be saved. These pensions also provide free breakfast and sometimes free lunch in the accommodation room which will, in turn, help you save money.

    Cost to Travel Europe - Stay
    Cost to Travel Europe – Stay
  • Apart from all these, selecting the place of accommodation is most important. You don’t want to be staying in a place where all the attractions are present or a place that is situated in the central part of the city because you might have to pay through your nose for it.Instead get onto a travel website and compare the prices of different places and hotels so that you get a place which is affordable and is situated in a good surrounding and you don’t have to pay a lot for it.
  • Airbnb website can do this task for you. It is an online marketplace and hospitality site which provides you with plenty of options and affordable prices, including family homes and student hostels. This will give you a taste of the local lifestyle of people.

Here is a table for you that shows the rates of the pension houses vs the hotels.

Pension Pension Rate Hotel Hotel Rate
Hotel Pension Madara $57 Dorint Am Europaplatz $110
Hotel Pension Astra $63 Holiday Inn City $120
Hotel Pension Mozart $70 Haydn Hotel $125


There are steps needed to iron out your food budget as well. You can enjoy the relishing continental cuisine in the cheapest budget if you do some research work prior to your trip.

European cuisines provide a wide range of food items, soups, fermented milk products, pizzas, deserts etc. They mostly have food that is eaten using cutlery and a few using fingers.

  • The cost of the food also varies just like the accommodation costs. It might approximately cost around $45 per person for a day. This might sound expensive to one and cheap to the other.

    Cost to Travel Europe - Food & Drink
    Cost to Travel Europe – Food & Drink
  • Buying grocery and making food on our own might be much cheaper when compared to eating already prepared food. If you don’t know how to cook then you have to learn to balance your eating.
  • Cheap fast food/street food might cost you around 9-15 euros while the restaurants may cost you around 25-25 euros.
  • The well-known restaurants cost even more. So I prefer you to balance the amount of food and the type of food you eat. Eating fruits as snacks sometimes for breakfast may help you again save a lot of money.
  • It will cost you around 65 euros a week if you cook your own food which is very less on average.

Europe is an ‘Old World’ filled with history and culture. Their drinks are also just the same. Even the young folk drink alcoholic beverages. They grow up drinking rest of their lives. From whiskey to beer to scotch everything is available there.

But you need to know the right places to go and get your drink for a happy price.

The 5 euros beer is worth paying to hit your happy hour.

The hostel bars that are present across the continent may not be reasonable for you. Traveling that far and spending an extra dose of your money makes no sense.

The United Kingdom is one of the places which will empty your bank balance in no time. The food and stay are so expensive. Alcohol is even more expensive. London which is located in New York City is by far the most expensive of all.

Cost to Travel Europe - Bar & Restaurant
Cost to Travel Europe – Bar & Restaurant

However, England and Scotland have cheaper prices and I recommend you to stay a few days in these places. They are student affordable places. Eastern Europe is much more affordable than in Western Europe. You can get good cuisines at affordable prices. It’s like getting great food at a basic price.

You can get a delicious Poland meal at just 4 euros and pay only 2 euros for your beer which will make your day happy.

Keeping all this in mind you have to be wise enough to choose the right place and eat the right food for the right price.


Knowing about the activities precisely too can get our hands on framing a cheaper budget:

  • As the free entrance to museums, a one-time free meal at the hotels, there is also free hiking which is a lifetime experience.
  • After wandering free around the city you can take a free walking tour. This tour which is done on foot gives you all the historical and cultural knowledge of the places which is very interesting. This free trip tour is one of the greatest things in Europe that is done in almost all the cities.
  • In Amsterdam, Slovenia and Prague you have to pay a tip rather than paying for the trip and it will cost you around 4-5 euros which is not expensive.
    The hostel or boards that you live in will have the details of it. I prefer you to take this free walk tour because it saves you a lot of money and also you get to visit all the attractions and know about it for free.
  • If not the free walk tours or that you don’t want to walk then Europe tourism also provides you passes to the museums and the attractions. The rates are quite affordable.
    But these passes may not contain all the things that you want to do. It contains very few options for you to choose from which you would not like. But the museum passes are useful because you don’t have to wait in long queues for the passes. You can avail these passes at the airport counters, bus stations, and train stations or even at the tourist information booths.


Now that we have had a thorough look at the expenditure we got to take up once we land in Europe, which is way lesser than what we had thought before planning the budget, all we need to focus is the airfare and transportation cost.

Decide on the perfect time for you to travel to Europe, which calls for several factors that can help you guide when it comes to setting a travel date.

You might be traveling from a different part of the world and that might be really far, so the cost will vary depending on where you are traveling. The place you are traveling from and traveling to makes a huge price difference and it is an important point that has to be taken care of.

Cost to Travel Europe - Airfare
Cost to Travel Europe – Airfare
  • Airfare to Europe may cost you around $650. This is just an approximate price. Different websites are also available which gives you a range of prices to travel to the same place.
    It is better to book your flights early so that you get it for a cheaper price with a lot of discounts. Airlines like Transavia, Easyjet, Air Berlin, and Ryanair provide tickets at a discount rate which can save you money.
    Because of these airlines, transportation through flights has become very cheap and the number of people traveling through flights has increased.
  • Other than flights you can also travel in trains. Trains are the easiest method of transportation in Europe. These trains travel to every major city in Europe which is very good.
    There are high-speed trains which travel which travel across several countries like France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Russia, Italy, and Austria. These trains will cost you around 100 euros.
    The local or the regional trains which are slow will cost you much cheaper than the high-speed trains. Eurail provides rail passes through which you can travel to far places and even countries for lesser money. So get this pass to get great discounts on your travels.

    Cost to Travel Europe - Travel Expense
    Cost to Travel Europe – Travel Expense
  • For people who want to travel by car or so even these facilities are provided.
    Just like Uber, Ola BlaBlaCar which is one of the biggest websites in Europe is used to book cars to travel around cities. This is one of the means to travel at a cheaper price. It connects you to the nearby drivers and then gives you the right ride.

Other than trains and cabs you also have buses that are also very cheap to travel in. But cabs are the cheapest means of transport.

Other than the flight tickets which will cost you an approximate of 50 euros, transportation around the cities will cost you only 1-2 euros which is not much of a concern.

So after all the savings in food, transport, attractions and other activities here is a table that gives you an estimated cost to travel to Europe.

Attractions $170.50
Accommodations $892.00
Food and Drinks $1,021.13
Transportation $303.18
Insurance $155.00
Airfare $1,330.00
Shopping & Misc. $338.53
Total $4,210.34

Europe is one of the places where you can see different contrasts of places, traditions, people, and food. You get to discover and explore many things that you would not have even imagined of, which gives you peace and refreshes your soul and body. It gives you a fantastic experience and opportunities to explore the unexplored parts of the world.

In short, it’s a dream you will live, a dream just like a painting. It is one of the beautiful places that you must visit and make memories that can be cherished for life!