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Las Vegas is the world’s capital of sin, parties, and extravagance. In this city, you can easily spend $100 a day on a budget, or $100,000 a day if you’re looking to really live it up. When it comes to extravagance, few places in the world can match Las Vegas.Extremely high-end hotels compete for the business of wealthy patrons, not through price, location or even service. Instead, they compete for patronage by designing the most luxurious and incredible experience possible.

What are the most extravagant hotels in Las Vegas? How much do they cost and what do they have to offer? Let’s take a look.

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa Palms Resort

This pad isn’t a romantic getaway. For the traveling bachelor or the roaming (male) corporate party, this is the absolute perfect pad. And it only costs $35,000 to $40,000 a night.The walls are decked out with everything Playboy: Artwork with bunnies dressed provocatively fill the room. The room comes with an indoor waterfall, a bathtub that can easily fit a dozen people, a full bar, and an indoor pool. The room’s decoration was overseen by Hugh Hefner himself.

To top off all this, you have an enormous bed that rotates at the touch of a button.

Hotel Bellagio’s “Chairman Suite”

Coming in at $6,000 a night, this suite has everything you’d expect from a luxury, high-end hotel room. The room comes with both a whirlpool bathtub and a solarium. They’re positioned right above a spectacular view of Las Vegas, making it an incredible place to relax at night while watching the skyline. Everything in the room can be electronically controlled, from the televisions to the lights to the air to the windows. There are master bedrooms, each with two 50 inch plasma televisions.

MGM Grand’s “Skylofts”

The MGM Grand’s Skyloft is truly a technology and luxury lover’s paradise. To kick off your Skyloft experience, you’ll be picked up from your airport in a Maybach 62, a $400,000 car. Once you’re done zooming through the city to the awed gazes of onlookers, you can settle into your 1,400 square feet room for some serious rest and relaxation.

The Skyloft features a unique “fizzy pool” spa. This spa blows mini-bubbles into the water, giving anyone in the spa a gentle, relaxing yet mildly stimulating massage. The room comes with all the technological bells and whistles. Get the TV foggy while having a spa? No problem – They all come with auto-defog systems. Want to play some video games or hook your laptop up to the screen? That’s all easy to set up.

You also have 24-hour concierge service, as well as a butler ready to pack or unpack your bags for you anytime around the clock.

Caesar’s Palace’s “Rain Man Suite”

This suite’s official name is the Duplex Suite. However, almost everyone calls it by its better-known name: The “Rain Man Suite.” This is where the movie Rain Man, with Tom Cruise, was filmed in 1988. This room is relatively affordable compared to other extravagant Vegas suites, coming in at a “modest” $3,500 a night. The view in the room is every bit as spectacular and breathtaking as it was in the movie.

The “Rain Man Suite” is a great choice if you plan on meeting or hosting people. The room was practically designed to accommodate groups. There’s an enormous spacious couch with room for a dozen people in the living room. There are ten TV sets stationed throughout the suite, from the bedrooms to the bathrooms, so you never have to be disconnected.

Living the Life of Extravagance

Staying in one of these extravagant hotels isn’t just about the room. It’s about the experience. You get the chauffeur, the butler, the world-class service and often time’s free drinks at the bar or the casino. You’ll also often get VIP access to many of the top clubs on the Vegas strip. If you’re staying at a hotel that’s also a casino, you may also be invited to play at VIP tables.

These are Las Vegas’ most extravagant hotels. They aren’t cheap, but staying at one of these hotels can truly be an experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.